A Metal Roof Lasts a Lifetime
Full roof deck ventilation
Breathable Membrane
Roof Ventilation (Before)
Proper Roof Ventilation (After)
Re-Emissive Metal Surface
A metal roof lasts a lifetime
Nine Layer Technology
What Makes
a Proper Roof?

Benefits of Metal Roofs Toronto

  • 50 year warranty on your new roof
  • Spend three times less on home heating and cooling
  • Our product lasts a lifetime - no maintenance or repair costs
  • Our roofing prevents mould from growing in your insulation
  • Increase your property value
  • Reduce your insurance rates
  • Reduce maintenance for windows and doors

Keep Your Insulation Dry and Save

  • Full attic ventilation
  • Full roof-deck ventilation
  • Our roofing prevents mould from growing in your insulation
  • Enhanced indoor air quality and fewer floating allergens
  • Save on heating costs in the winter
  • Save on cooling costs in the summer
  • Reduce maintenance for windows and doors

Reduce Your Summer Cooling Bills

  • Our roofing reflects up to 70% of heat
  • Spend three times less on home cooling
  • Reduces urban air temperatures by up to 4 degrees

A 50 Year Warranty on our Roofing Products

  • 50 year warranty on your new roof
  • High-quality baked polyesther coating that doesn't peel or crack
  • Rolled steel roofing that doesn't rust or warp
  • Our product lasts a lifetime - no maintenance or repair costs
  • Increase your property value
  • Reduce your insurance rates
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Metal Roofs

Exclusive European style roofing from the most trusted roof contractors in Mississauga & Toronto.

A strong roof protects those people below it. Whether a residential home, where loved ones sleep at night, to a commercial property where employees work and clients visit, a durable roof is essential in ensuring their safety. And it pays! With metal roofing, you can expect electricity bills to fall by as much as 40%.

Metal is the perfect material for residential and commercial roofing. With an unsurpassable 50-year service as a minimum, it is built to last. If you purchase a metal roof manufactured by Zim Group, it’s sure to be the last you ever need!

We work closely with our clients on every job. From the design stage to installation, we foster strong lines of communication and consult them with each and every step. The trust and service we provide is how we have made our name as the most reliable roofing company in Mississauga and Toronto. Never beaten!

As a company aware of its environmental responsibility, we utilize the full force of industry-leading technologies to reduce waste and save on as much waste as we can. Beautiful, fire-resistant and affordable, our metal roofs deliver an irresistible option.

Residential Metal Roofing Toronto

As one of the leading Canadian metal roofing manufacturers, installers and maintainers, Zim Group LTD is the superior choice to provide residential metal roofing Toronto & Mississauga.

Metal roofing is a beautiful choice for Toronto homes and Zim Group LTD is the most trusted metal roofing company in the Greater Toronto Area. There is a litany of reasons for choosing a metal roof for your residential property. The energy-saving properties that a metal roof provides – both in terms of supreme heat containment during winter and the ability to reflect the sun in summer – provide bonuses for the year-round.

Metal Roofing Toronto

The metal roofing is also tough and strong. Due to the snow-heavy winters we receive, the non-stick nature of metal roofing provides the best way to quickly rid your roof of heavy snow. Additionally, the ways interlocking steel panels fitted together ensure that your roof is entirely protected against rain.

Metal roofing rises the price of your home by adding “curb appeal”. With over 50 years’ life expectancy as a minimum, you are likely to move home before having to replace it! But if for some reason there is a problem, Zim Group LTD also offers metal roofing repair.

Commercial Metal Roofing Toronto

Metal provides the right choice for commercial roofing in Toronto or Mississauga. With an eye-pleasing appearance and durability that offers over half a century of service with minimal maintenance required, a metal roof is a hard option to beat.

Commercial properties require an affordable roofing material, and this is exactly what metal provides. With a far more accessible price than slate and tiles, metal is a go-to choice for many larger commercial or industrial property owners.

It also provides incredible energy-saving possibilities and absolute security from the severe Toronto weather. The shape and non-stick nature of metal mean snow simply slips off and saves the home from potential damage from snow and sleet build up. This is why metal roofing companies are always in demand.

But unlike many of the metal roofing companies in the Toronto area, Zim Group’s team consists of highly-skilled, technically-adept workers. Each brings years of experience to their role and each is dedicated to every job they work on. Should your commercial property require maintenance, our professional team will deliver roof repair in Mississauga right away.

We are the most trusted of the region’s metal roofing contractors. Our name is our promise, and with Zim Group LTD, only the best roofing experience for our valued customers will do.

Watch this informative video to see what a difference a properly installed Zim Roof can make.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is the most durable material you can choose for your home’s roof. Not only do metal roofs provide more than 50 years – over half a century! – of protection, they do this with minimal amounts of maintenance.

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Choosing metal roofing in Toronto also provides your home with the best protection for the harsh winter weather that the region sees. With heavy snowfall and belting rain, metal roof materials are the go-to choice for residents and commercial business owners. This is because metal roofing products, including the panels Zim Group LTD uses, provide a hard and slippery surface. This, and the way the metal panels interlock, means your metal roof provides an unsurpassable level of protection against rain and snow.

But metal roofs also deliver supreme performance in the summer. The nature of metal means it reflects the sun’s heat, reducing energy costs during the warmest months. Reports estimate that metal roofing can be around 35°C than asphalt roofing.

This incredible protection for residential and commercial roofing comes at a lighter weight than steel roofing or other roofing of comparable quality and price. This is easier on your home’s structure and can, in some cases, be laid directly over the previous roof. This also means that metal roofing installation is quick and without the fuss, other roofing in Mississauga can require.

Roofing Toronto

There are so many reasons to choose metal roofing for your Toronto residential home or business that we can’t list them all here! But as the best metal roofing manufacturer and installer in the Mississauga region, Zim Group LTD is the company to call.

Interested in our incredible metal roofing prices? Then contact us today to request a free metal roofing estimate!

Metal Roofing Installation

Zim Group delivers the very highest service that roofing contractors in Mississauga can offer. When our clients, whether commercial or residential property owners, opt to use the skilled services of Zim Group, they receive the best metal roofing installation in the region.

Our team of technicians stands out among all metal roofing manufacturers of Toronto and the surrounding area. A highly-trained and experienced team, Zim’s people are dedicated to efficiently install your roof so that fuss and disruption are reduced as best possible. We understand that a large construction job like roof installation can disturb the smooth running of your home. That’s why we get in and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

From a leaky old roof to one that protects your family or business for more than half a century at a minimum, metal roofing is a clear choice.

Metal roof installation is our specialty service. For an affordable choice that delivers on what it promises, choose Zim Group’s metal roof installation today!

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