7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Metal Roofing Over Asphalt

Metal Roof

There are many different types of roofing options out there. The most common type of roof available is asphalt shingles. This tends to be the most economic option, but because of that, it doesn’t last as long and can be difficult to maintain compared to other types of roofs. Metal roofing has become more and more popular because of its lightweight tiles, its quicker installation and longer-lasting structure. Toronto metal roofs can also be installed to look like slate or clay tiles and are designed to prevent ice dams and snow, it won’t burn and it can resist high winds.


So why choose metal roofs above all other roofs? There are many reasons, which we will get into right now:


1. Metal roofs last a long time


Asphalt roofs last around 20 years and aren’t always guaranteed to even last that long. For the price of metal roofing, it lasts quite a long time, upwards of 50 years. Metal roofing is usually enforced with a protective coating like polyester which makes it corrosion resistant. Most metal roofing Toronto tiles will be protected by a coating; ZimGroup LTD protects their metal tiles with 7 layers of protection including 2 layers of zinc and conversion phosphate layers. All of these protective layers will extend the life of your roof and will reduce the amount of maintenance work and repair you will have to do in the long run. ZimGroup LTD roofs are extra reinforced and they include a 50-year warranty with their services. Also, the roofs are made with galvanized steel which further extends its life.


2. Metal roofs are easier to install


In comparison to asphalt, slate or clay roofing, metal roofing is much easier to install. Some roof installations can take 3-4 days to complete while metal roofs tend to take around 1-2 days. At ZimGroup LTD, metal roofing sheets come in 4ft by 4ft and sometimes even 8ft. The large sheets are made by pressing the material into modular panels in a roll-forming process so the roofing joints are minimized. This makes it easier for metal roofing contractors to install the roofing tiles. The lightweight tiles are also easier to layout and to transport to the site. Steel roofing Toronto tiles can be applied directly onto old asphalt tiles which streamlines the installation process even more. The installation process is vitally important and installers will guide, educate and work with customers through each step.


3. Metal roofs are highly customizable


Metal roofs have a certain European look that attracts most people to this type of residential metal roofing. Because of its material, metal roofing tiles can come in an array of colors and designs. There are lots of different metal roof options as well as types of steel roofing including zinc, copper, steel, aluminum, and tin one of the strongest being steel. Metal roof tiles can also be coated in stone, which is a popular option for those who want a more old-fashioned look. ZimGroup LTD offers metal and steel roofs as well as stone coatings. Their roofs come in many different colors (both stone, steel and metal) and can be designed for many different home set ups.


4. Metal roofs are durable


There’s a reason why metal roofs last so long, they are extremely durable. Metal roofs protect from some of the harshest weather and most aggressive winds. It can withstand high amounts of rain and snow and won’t burn from the sun. Steel sheet metal roofing makes for one of the most durable roofs out there. At ZimGroup LTD hot dips each of the metal tiles in galvanized steel and covered with a baked polyester coating 35 microns thick. Polyester is known for its corrosion-resistant properties, making it perfect as a protective layer for metal roofs. In addition, their roofs are protected by a hermetic sponge, which repels small particles and allows for proper airflow.


5. Metal roofs are affordable


Many people will automatically go for an asphalt roof when looking for affordable roofing because it can be cheaper than a metal roof. What they may not realize is that they’re buying a roof that may not last as long as a metal roof. What they also might not realize is that asphalt roofs need much more maintenance than almost any other roof out there. Spending a bit more money on a metal or Toronto steel roof, in the long run, can save you quite a bit on maintenance and repair costs. ZimGroup LTD offers a 50-year warranty on their Toronto steel roofs and guarantees minimal if any repair and maintenance needed before then.


6. Metal roofs up your property value


By investing in a Toronto steel roof, you can up your property value. A contemporary looking metal roof on a home can increase its value from 1-6%. And since metal roofing in Toronto is an effective insulator, it can decrease your energy bill every month, thus further increasing your property value. Metal roofing offers more colors than regular asphalt roofing as well as a European design that can make your home look amazing. Upkeeping your home aesthetically is something that will also increase the value and houses with metal roofs will most likely attract a higher percentage of buyers when the time comes to sell.


7. Metal roofs are safer and healthier


The tiles at ZimGroup LTD are protected by a hermetic sponge that blocks small particles and allows for airflow. It also helps to stop heat from building up in the summer and enhances attic ventilation. Because of the full deck ventilation, it prevents mould from growing in the insulation which could be harmful for your health. In addition to its specially ventilated tiles, metal roofs at ZimGroup LTD are fire resistant as well as water-resistant.



Metal and Toronto steel roofing has been rising in popularity recently, and it’s no mystery. These types of metal roofs are made to last and they’re affordable too. When looking for a metal roof in Toronto, metal roofer, ZimGroup LTD has you covered, quite literally! One of the top Toronto metal roof companies, ZimGroup LTD has figured out all of the logistics of metal roofing so you don’t have to. With the power of galvanized steel metal roofing sheets, you can be sure you’re getting a roof that won’t breakdown and will last you for 50+ years. So consider investing in a metal or Toronto steel roof, that way you know you’re getting a product that is durable, safe and that will virtually maintain itself.