Metal Roof Installation Process

Toronto Metal Roof

For years, the team at Zim Group LTD has been providing the Greater Toronto Area with quality roofing supplies and installation. From working on commercial properties to working with our great residential clients, Zim Group has excelled at providing quality roofing to every one of our clients. One of our specialities is metal roofs in Toronto, and from supplies to installation, we are your one-stop-shop that can handle it all.


We are going to go into a little more detail on why a metal roof might be the right option for your home or business. We will also touch on the metal roof installation process so you will know what is happening, and what you can expect during the installation. Finally, we will touch on some of the many advantages that your metal roofing in Toronto will provide you and your building. From initial contact to the finishing touches, the team at Zim Group cannot wait to be your go-to metal roofing company.


Why a Metal Roof?


When it comes to roofing materials, metal roofs are often thought of as an afterthought, but with their customizable designs, and lifelong durability, metal roofs are quickly becoming one of the top choices in the Greater Toronto Area. Metal roofs offer quite a bit of flexibility in their looks, and no matter what you are looking for, you can probably find it in a metal roof. Here are some of our favourite metal roof material options that we are proud to carry here at Zim Group LTD.


Residential Roof Tiles


Known for its classic look, residential roof tiles are manufactured with SUPERGALUM AZ150 or Z275 steel. These tiles come in hundreds of colours and will match any design motif that you can dream up. No matter if you are looking for that European look or a modern look, residential roof tiles are always great.


Stone Coated Roof Tiles


Our stone coated roof tiles are fresh from the factory in Europe and made with AZ150 SUPERGLAUM steel. Not only are these tiles available in hundreds of colours, but it is also available in rio, diva and wood textures. If you are looking for a textured roof, with a little bit of flair, then the stone coated roof tile is an excellent option for your home.


Sheet Metal Roofs (MD-20 and MD-24)


Known for its rustic and sleek look, the team at Zim Group is proud to offer our MD-20 and MD-24 sheet metal options that are from right here in Canada. Typically, residential clients have preferred the MD-24, but both options are fully customizable, which makes it an ideal roofing material!
Metal Roofing


The Process of Metal Roofing Installation


Here at Zim Group LTD, we have been your trusted metal roofing contractor in and around the Greater Toronto Area for years. With thousands of roof replacements and installations tackled, our team has perfected our metal roofing installation procedure. Here is a little peek into our process, and what you can expect when you choose Zim Group for your commercial or residential metal roof installation.


1. Get your Free no-pressure quote


As with all of our roofing offers, Zim Group offers no-pressure quotes to all of our clients. It is our first step in our process, and we will require some information such as roof measurements to get started.


2. Sign the dotted line


Once you look over the quote and sign our contract, we can get to work. We will work with you to find the perfect metal roof. From a rustic look to a more polished look, the team at Zim Group can find that roof that will meet you and your homes needs. 


3. Ordering the materials


Once we have found that perfect roofing materials, then the team at Zim Group can get to ordering! We have connections to some of the top manufacturers and can secure an excellent price for your materials!


4. Get on-site, and start demo


Once the team at Zim Group is one site, we will start with the demolition. When you are asking how to install metal roofing for a roofing replacement, it begins with a proper demo.


5. Add insulation


For either a new build or a replacement metal roof, the first step of how to properly install metal roofing is adding the insulation. The goal is to limit any moisture coming into the home, and for most households, a thin layer of roofing felt will do the trick. 


6. Install the strapping, start strip, hermetic, gable end, valley and open valley


After the insulation is installed, we will get started with the strapping. Once the strapping is installed, we will move to the starter strip and hermetic. Finally, we will proceed to the gable end as well as the valley and open valley. All of this is the base in which the metal tiles will sit on. 


7. Metal Tiles


The most prominent part of the process is the installation of the metal tiles. We typically start with the most substantial areas and move to the more intricate areas. 


8. Flashing and Capping


Next, we move to the penultimate step, where we tackle the chimney and vent pipe flashing. Then, we move to the ridge capping before finishing up! 


9. Joining the roof to the wall


Finally, we will join the roof to the wall and ensure that there is no possibility of water or weather damage to this critical point. 


10. The clean-up


We did not become a top-rated roofing company by not cleaning up! We go the extra step and ensure that our roofing contractors spend the time to clean up everything from the stray debris in the garden, to the peak of the roof. After Zim Group is done at your home, you will only be left with a gorgeous new metal roof!

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The Advantages of Metal Roofs


Here are the top 10 advantages of utilizing metal roofing products on your next build or roof replacement.


1. Reduced Costs in the long-run. Metal roofs are a little more expensive than traditional options, but in the long-run, the roofs pay off. With a longer life span and less wear and tear, your metal roof will last for years longer than the other traditional roofing options. 


2. Great Look. Metal roofs come in all shapes and sizes, and if you have a design in mind, chances are one of our great suppliers will have an option for you. From rustic looks to clean lines, metal roofs give you greater flexibility than most roofing materials. 


3. Lightweight Structure. Unlike tiles, or other heavier building materials, metal roofs do not need any additional material support to be installed. Plus, they can even be installed over existing roofs! As well, you can install these roofs on as little as 8-degree slope line, which makes them ideal for ranchers! 


4. Simple Installation. As we touched on above, the installation process of metal roofs is quite simple, and that means you are paying less in terms of machine and labour costs during installation. 


5. Environmentally Friendly. Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofing materials are fully recyclable! 


6. Energy Efficient. One of the top advantages of metal roofs it the fact that they are one of the high energy-efficient roofs on the market. They help keep your house fresh in the summer, and warm in the winter, and with current energy costs, this is not a bad thing. 


7. Fire Resistant. As metal roofing is naturally fire-resistant, this roofing has less of a risk of destruction or damage due to fire or heat. 


8. Long-life. Metal roofing companies have long known metal roofs as the longest-lasting roofing material. If taken care of, and with proper maintenance, a metal roof can last for up to 50 years or more! 


9. Weather-resistant. In the often crazy weather that we see here in the Toronto area, metal roofs are the best option to stand up to any storm that Lake Ontario can throw at it. From high winds to hail, material roofs are the most robust and most weather resistant roofing material on the market. 


10. Easy Repairs. Repairing a metal roof is extremely simple, especially as damaged pieces can plugin without much work. A team of proper metal roofing contractors can finish up the job in a matter of hours, and here at Zim Group LTD, we know this firsthand!


If you are interested in working with us or have any questions about metal roofing installation, metal roofs in general, or about our services, then it is about time that we chatted. Our team has quickly become known for our metal roof installation services, and we cannot wait to help you and your roof out! Plus, we are also able to provide you with a free no-pressure quote within 48 hours, no matter your location. Give us a call today and see how Zim Group can answer any question you may have and offer you and your building a metal roof that will last a lifetime!