Metal Roofing - New Trends and Technologies

As one of the top roofing companies in Toronto, the team at Zim Group LTD has long been the trusted source for all of your commercial and residential roofing needs. Since our inception, our team has been working hard to establish ourselves as the go-to metal roof company in the community. From working with homeowners who want to know a little more about the product, to completing a commercial metal roof installation at your local warehouse, Zim Group has done it all.


Over the years, we have become real steel roofing experts, and have a wide selection of some of the best metal roofing products on the market. From our new selections of MD-24 and MD-20 to some of the more classic options, Zim has you covered from tip to tail. Today, we continue to work with our clients across the GTA and cannot wait to help you find the perfect metal roofing solution for your situation. Below you will find some of the new metal roofing products we are excited to offer our clients here in the GTA. Plus, these new products come from certified Canadian metal roofing manufacturer made from genuine North American metal!


Zim Group Metal Roofs - New Products:

The team at Zim Group is proud to announce our suite of new metal roofing products that will be available early in 2020. All of these options are genuine Canadian metal roofing materials and can be pre-ordered right now! With a wide variety of options already available in our warehouse, these new products are going to add to our already impressive line-up. They also come in several colour options that will allow your new metal roof to match any painting or home décor you have in mind.


• MD-24 (Modern) sheet metal

For many homeowners, the idea of a metal roof is a little off-putting. What about the noise, what about the look? Well, we have some good news for you, the MD-24 modern sheet metal looks great, and stands up to practically anything. This is why metal roofs in Toronto are ideal and can help you and your family last over twenty years without the need to repair or replace. No matter if you are a commercial company or a residential building, the modern MD-24 sheet metal roof is an excellent look for any roof.


• MD-20 (Cladding) sheet metal

On the other side, our MD-20 cladding has quickly become the top choice for industrial and post-industrial looks in and around Toronto. As one of the leading metal roofing contractors in the city, Zim Group has continued to deliver quality roofing installation for years. If you are looking for a stunning roof installed by some of the top roofing contractors in the city, then the MD-20 is a look worth looking into!



Advantages of Zim Group LTD MD-24 and MD-20 sheet metal roofs

There are a ton of great benefits for both MD-24 and MD-20 sheet metal roofs! Here are just a few of the benefits we have seen as one of the leading roofing contractors in Toronto!

  • East and clean installation. Standard roof installations will lead you to hear construction noises and hammering for days and leave the job site covered in sawdust and debris. With a metal roof, you can avoid all of that, and instead, you get clean and straightforward to install a roof that will look great!
  • Steel roofs are some of the best-looking roofs on the market, and we are not just saying that. Many new builds are starting to look to metal due to its sleek and modern look. Plus, with its ability to be customized to the look of your home, a metal roof might be the best option for your home or office on the market!
  • Unlike other roofing materials, fasteners that are used by roofing manufacturers are meant to be hidden and sleek. There are no exposed nails or traditional shingles. Instead, steel roofing has an elegant look that hides its fasteners. This means that snow, rain and hail will simply fall away, and not be caught up on any obstructions on your roof.
  • Metal roofs are all about strength, and as all of the metal roofing manufacturers that we use have utilized pre-profiling. Pre-profiling allows for the roof to be even stronger than before and will enable your roof to withstand thousands of pounds of force. So, no matter if we are dealing with a thunderstorm or a blizzard, your metal roofing in Toronto will last.
  • Finally, unlike other roofing types, steel roofs can even handle the lowest slope on your roof as possible. This means that even ranchers with as little as 8 degrees of a slope can have a roof that works. No matter the roof situation, the team at Zim Group, can ensure your metal roof is installed correctly at your home or office!


Why is metal roofing the best choice for a residential & commercial purpose?

As one of the leading roofing company’s in the Toronto area, we know our metal roofs. So, why is a metal roof the best choice for residential and commercial clients? The answer is simple: they are amazing. But here is a little more detail in how a metal roof installation might be the best choice for your roof!


Increased Value

When you are looking to improve the value of your home, did you know that installing a new roof is one of the best ways to do it? Although any roof installation will be beneficial, the real moneymaker is in installing metal roofs. If you consider the fact that a traditional asphalt roof will need to be replaced every five to ten years, then you will already be getting your money’s worth. Most metal roofs will last you between forty and fifty years, and all without the need for extensive repair. As well, even your insurance premiums will drop due to the roof’s characteristics and long-lasting durability. Talk about a win-win.



As we mentioned, metal roofs are known for their durability. First and foremost, these roofs can last to half a century, and that is in any climate. Plus, metal is known for its ability to withstand all kinds of weather and will be able to handle the worst weather that Lake Ontario can throw at it. This is part of the reason that metal roofs are one of the only hurricane-proof roofs and have been used for decades up and down the East Coast of the United States. From wind to hail, your metal roof will be able to handle anything mother nature throws at it for up to fifty years.


Their Look

As a steel roof company, we know the possibilities are practically endless in terms of steel roofs, and we love them for it! No matter the overall look you are going for, you will be able to find a roof that will match it. Our suppliers have hundreds of colour options and looks, and there are even options that look like a traditional asphalt roof! Whether you live in a rancher or a classic two-story, a steel roof can provide you with the look you have always wanted.


Energy Efficient

Finally, steel roofs are some of the most efficient roofs in the industry. No, we are not just saying that we have the science to prove it. As the metal on the roof is a natural reflector, metal roofs reflect sunlight and heat. Thus, if you choose a darker metal roof, you will enjoy even more benefits! For instance, in the summer, the cooling effect of the reflection will help keep your air conditioner bill a little lower. While in the winter, your roof will keep in the heat, and lower your bills. Generally, people will see between a 10%-25% drop in utility bills after installing their new roof, but your drop will vary. Every penny saved counts, especially with rising heating and gas bills here in Ontario!

Cladding Sheet Metal


If you are in the market for a new roof, then it might be time to give the team at Zim Group a call. We have been one of the premier roofing companies for years, and no matter if you need a new commercial or residential roof, the team at Zim Group is here for you.


Our experts can answer any question that you may have, and no matter if you are looking for a free quote or simply want to ask some questions, our team is ready and waiting. We are proud to offer two new products for our Toronto based customers, and whether you are looking for the MD-24 modern sheet metal or MD-20 cladding sheet metal, we have you covered. We are the metal roof experts and have connections, and factory-direct pricing with some of the top manufacturers in the country. With Canadian and North American steel products, Zim Group delivers quality metal roofs to every one of our clients. Call us today and see why Zim Group has been your go-to metal roofing company in and around the GTA!