Problems With Old Roofs And How To Solve Them

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one area of the home where it really pays to hire a professional roofing contractor to carry out the work. Unlike painting a room or putting up plasterboard, correcting problems in your property’s roof or replacing the roof entirely are not jobs to be taken on by amateurs. The metal roof is an important structural piece of your home’s architecture and its maintenance should not be trusted to inexperienced hands.


That’s why when you have a problem with an old roof – whether that is a metal roof, a steel roof or even shingle - it’s important to call trusted, experienced and professional roofing companies that can deliver roof installation in the proper manner. While Zim Group LTD certainly believes it provides the best metal roofing Toronto has to offer, we are by no means the only metal roofing contractors or metal roofing manufacturers in the GTA.


This article will address when and why your Toronto home needs a new roof and why metal is the best choice for your roof construction.


What is a Roof?


So, what exactly is a roof? Well, although an explanation may not seem to be needed few members of the general public accurately understand the importance of a roof to your home and those within it.


As the roof is the highest part of your home, it deals with the majority of wind and wind-related elements. From the harsh driving rains to storm winds, sleet and hail, a strong roof protects everything below. This is particularly important in Toronto, an area with heavy snow and sometimes brutal weather. This is also the reason we so commonly recommend metal roofs. 


A roof’s construction, its innate integrity and ability to do its job, depends on two separate aspects. One of these is the skill of the metal roof company that you choose to contract for the installation and, if applicable, the manufacture of your metal roof. Experience in working with metal roofs is required and all Toronto metal roof contractors should be able to demonstrate the correct documentation.


The second aspect of a quality roof is the materials involved in the construction and installation process. Correctly constructed metal roofing will contribute to the lifestyle and comfort of those in the property where it is installed.


Overall, for professional roofing to be considered adequate, it must have three main components. These are: 


Full attic ventilation so that air continues to flow through the attic and not just sit in a dead space. With ventilation, a roof acts as a tool to remove excess heat during summer and excess moisture during the winter. This is incredibly important and helps keep the roof and structure of the home in top condition. 


Air gap between the roof deck and roofing materials so that excessive amounts of heat are permitted from escaping into a roof. If there is no gap, then heat that the home and its heating system have generated can be lost during the winter. A lacking air gap will drive up energy bills. 


Heat reflection properties that should be at least 50 percent. Anything less and the roof will not be able to properly reflect the necessary heat to keep your property temperate controlled.


Problems With Old Roofing


There are many characteristic problems that will tell you when it is time to replace the roof on your home. Assuming the roof has been well installed and fitted, this is usually the case only after years of faithful service when an old roof is coming towards the end of its useful life. It’s at this point when you should start thinking about replacement. Though the roof replacement diagnosis may come from various signals, these are some of the clearest to consider.


High Heating Bill: Up to half of utility bills spent in the home will go on heating. But if your tired roof has dropped in efficiency you can expect your energy bill to jump. Considering that the roof is your first layer of defense against both the heat of the sun and the cold of the wind, snow or rain – definitely necessary in Toronto – then you can easily understand why an efficient roof is necessary. 


Smelly Air or a Different Temperature at the Top of the House: As we’ve already seen, one of the three principal components of a proper roof is to act like a shield from the elements while providing ventilation. But when a roof is old, has sagged and is no longer in the condition to delivers its role, you may well begin to smell strange or stuffy air hanging around upstairs. This is likely because the roof is no longer providing the ventilation necessary for air to freely pass through the house. Another clear indicator of this is when it is particularly hot upstairs. Like the trapped air, the heat created by the sun or through your heating system cannot leave through the old roof. 


Mould: When there is a lack of ventilation of an old roof is permitting moisture to enter into its structural core, mould can become a problem. Mould is most commonly found in wood roofs or shingle roofs, both of which can easily be damaged during tough Toronto winters. For these roof types, flashing can easily be damaged. It is important to bear in mind that a shingle roof will last around 15 years before needing to be refit, while a metal roof installation gives from 50 to 70 years of sound service. 


Mould is a concern because it quickens the pace of the decline of the roof. Because mould and mildew increase the absorption ability of wood, fungal growth can become more likely. Mould can also lead to or aggravate problems including asthma and allergies of different types. Mould can be particularly dangerous for children or the elderly. 

While you can tear off a wooden roof and start again, or sand or blast the roof’s surface in the hope of ridding it of mould, this usually serves only to increase costs. 


Leaking Gutters or Gutter Overshoot: When the gutters of your home’s roof begin to leak or rainwater constant spills onto the ground rather than being retained by gutters, it should not be ignored. Falling water can cause problems with damp, which in turn, can reduce the integrity of a structure. 


This problem is commonly associated with old roofs which are not properly ventilating the attic space below which has led to condensation has formed. Another reason is that, over time, the pitch of your roof has changed or lagged and now the angles of the roof and gutters are off. 


Ice Dams or Snow Damage: This winter problem is usually associated with a roof being unable to properly control the temperature of the attic below. Attic temperatures in the center of the roof cause snow to melt, but the water runoff refreezes when it gets to the edge of the roof. The meltwater can often get under the flashing and cause damage, or flow straight off the roof to form icicles.


How to Solve Problem of Your Old Roof


Each of these roofing problems can be resolved by the installation of a metal roof. The metal roofs Toronto property homes employ are a superb mixture of durable construction, unique technologies and professional teams that carry out the installation. Roofing manufacturing companies are producing more affordable materials that even before, meaning metal roofers can install incredible metal roofs at a price that offers superb value for money.


While steel roofing manufacturers have also become more popular lately, Zim Group LTD chooses to use metal roofing for the quality of build, the resistance to rust and its malleability.


Why Choose a Metal Roof


By opting for a metal roof Toronto dwellers are choosing the most appropriate roofing material for the area they live. While the benefits of metal roofing are bountiful, a small selection is offered here:


50 Year Warranty Minimum: When compared to shingle or a wooden roof, the difference in lifetime and warranties is huge. While a shingle roof will function for an average of 15 years, a metal roof delivers superb service for a minimum of 50 years. This is a testament to the strength and rust-resistance of metal roofing. 


Low Lifecycle Cost: There are few maintenance costs involved with metal roofs. Because metal roofs do not rot like wood and shingle, or rust like steel, no overhauls are necessary. The only time a customer may want to maintain their roof is after a storm when they believe damage has been inflicted. 


Energy Efficiency: A metal roof will, on average, save between 20 and 40 percent in heating and cooling bills for a Toronto home during an entire year. The quality of the material and the installation we provide means your roof can provide ventilation for the attic and home, and reflect heat, during the appropriate moments. 


Reflects Heat: Metal roofs have a low thermal mass meaning they are better able to reflect the light and heat that can be an unwanted guest into your home during the hot summer months. Because of its low thermal mass, a metal roof will cool off once the exterior temperate has cooled down, unlike other materials. 


Can be Installed Over Existing Shingles: Due to the low weight of metal roofing, it is able to be installed directly over a roof’s existing shingles. This reduces the cost of removing and replacing shingles and keeps an extra layer of protection in place. 


Fire Resistant: Metal roofing has a low combustible rate in comparison to other materials, including wood. This reduces the likelihood of fire, and helps minimize damage should a fire occur. 


Looks Fantastic: Metal roofing delivers an upscale, appealing look to the outside of a home. Metal roofing is a superb way to increase the value of your home.


Why Choose Zim Group LTD


Zip Group is Toronto’s best metal roofing contractor. Our commitment, workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction sets our company apart from the rest. We deliver the right product and the right price for our customers within Toronto and the GTA. 


Aside from this is the quality and innovativeness of Zim Group’s products themselves. Zim Group LTD employs a unique starter strip that fixes into your metal roof to deliver unsurpassed protection against water penetration. The lipped strip denies water the ability to overflow from gutters during heavy rains. Not only this, but Zim Group’s starter strip functions as an extra gutter holder, fortifying the gutter to reduce maintenance requirements and promote safe snow shedding even during the deepest winter months. 


The metal panels we use are made from aluminium, zinc and silicon to provide the very hardiest material possible. Each tile is given a matt polyester coating to protect it even more from moisture. This is why they last for over half a century!


Zip Group constructs your metal roof via a process that includes three unique points: 


Metal Panel Overlap Length: The length of the metal panel overlap will dictate the safety of your roof from water penetration. As all Zim Group LTD roof panels are installed with 4 inches of overlap, your roof is as safe as can be. This is the largest overlap in from a roofing company in North America! 


The Hermetic: The Hermetic is installed on the perimeter of the starter, ridge and ridge gable end to protect from water and wildlife. 


Self-Drill Screws: Rust protection is guaranteed with self-drilled screws!


When it comes to Toronto roofing companies, there are none better than us. The metal roof Toronto wants comes directly from the Zim Group LTD. As roofing manufacturers and installers, our team of professionals carries a comprehensive knowledge of roofing that few other businesses can match.


Now that we understand the potential pitfalls of a tired old roof, and the advantages a well-constructed, incredibly durable and energy-saving metal roof delivers, we look forward to your call. For your appointment and to find out how we can help you, contact us today!