Company History

Zim Group Inc is the exclusive distributor for European material metal roofing products in Canada and part of the U.S. Zim Group is an industrial Group of enterprises that has been active in the manufacturing of roofing and cladding materials for many years. In the years since its inception, Zim Group has grown to be a leader in the European metal roofing market.

undefinedZim Group has five manufacturing facilities, including a new one in Canada, and a wide distribution network of branches and dealers in Europe. It sells over 10 million sq. ft of metal roofing tiles a year, enough to cover 236 football stadiums. Available in a variety of different colors, Zim Group's product range includes metal roofing tiles, trapezoidal sheets, siding panels, roofing accessories and cold-rolled profiles. Zim Group makes use of state-of-the-art technology to

constantly redefine the metal roofing industry and to bring to its customers the highest quality metal roofs that are superior to all other roofing systems. Zim Group uses raw material that is certified in accordance with International Standards of Quality (ISO 9002). With explicit quality control procedures imposed at every stage of the production cycle, Zim Group ensures the best quality of its finished products.

Zim Group's metal roofing tiles are manufactured from SUPERGALUM AZ150. After cold rolling the steel sheets are hot dip galvanized, which makes the surface corrosion resistant and receptive to further coating by means of passivation. The passivated surface is then covered with a protective polyester coating which is 35 microns thick. With the protection offered by a polyester finish, you can be confident that your Zim Group metal roofing will maintain its elegant look because polyester is widely used as a protective coating for roofing and cladding materials due to its corrosion resistance properties. The process by which our metal tiles are produced also result in the minimization of discoloration over time.

Having made their choice in favor of the metal roofing manufactured by Zim Group, our customers are pleasantly surprised by all the superior benefits Zim Group's roofing delivers: exclusive modern European quality and style, long-term savings, durability, no maintenance, cost efficiency and our 50 year guarantee against full corrosion.

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ZIM Group certainly blew us away with the job they did on our roof recently. The whole job was so professional from start to finish and we cannot recommend them highly enough to anybody else who needs a metal roof built for them.
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