Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would Anyone Choose a Metal Roof?

Opting for a metal roof means having little to no maintenance to manage. The roof could easily last for the rest of your life. In terms of energy efficiency, a higher quality metal roof will save quite a bit on heating and cooling costs.

Metal roofs are also more affordable than most people think. They compare favorably with the cost of purchasing and installing other types of roofing material. Between the durability, the low maintenance, and the savings on energy costs. It makes sense to call a metal roofing company and take a look at the designs they have to offer.

Can a Metal Roof Be Installed Over Shingles?

While you always want to remain in compliance with local building codes, it is possible to install a metal roof Toronto over a shingled roof. This approach does have the advantage of keeping the costs for the new roof lower. That’s because the homeowner does not have to absorb the costs of tearing off the old roof, removing the discarded metals, and managing other associated tasks.

The only way to know for sure is to work with one of the local metal roofing contractors. Assuming that leaving the existing roof in place does not violate any codes and you would not otherwise benefit from removing the old roof, the contractor will explain how the metal roof will be installed over the shingles.

How Do You Remove Snow Off a Metal Roof?

The best way to remove snow from metal roofs is with a device known as a snow rake. This is a rake designed with a long handle so that you can rake from the ground or possibly using a step ladder. There are snow rakes designed to be used with metal roofs, ensuring that you won’t scratch the roof surface or damage the coating applied to the metal.

The contractor from the roofing company will recommend that you rake the roof once at least six inches have accumulated on the roof. This also helps to minimize the chance for ice dams to develop.

What Are the Advantages of Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing comes in many different designs. That makes it easier to match the look and color with the style of the home. You’ll also find that the metal holds up well to any type of weather condition. The potential for leaks and other issues is minimal.

As the metal roofer will explain, you won’t have to do much to keep the roof looking great. Do have leaves removed when they accumulate. You also want to remove snow before it can turn into ice. Other than that, your new metal roof should look great and function perfectly for many decades.

Which Type of Metal Roof is the Best?

The best options for metal roofs Toronto are created using aluminum or steel. In order to know if the metal roof you have in mind is higher in quality, pay close attention to the gauge of the metal. There’s a difference in how different manufacturers create metal panels, shingles, and roofing tiles. Your goal is to make sure the gauge is high enough to ensure the roof lasts for a long time.

You’ll find that the better metal roofing contractors only offer materials that meet stringent quality standards. For example, the steel may be 26 gauge. That will let you know that the roof will hold up well over time.

Will a Metal Roof Fade?

If you opt for metal roofing offered by a higher quality roofing company, the warranty will give you an idea of how long the roof will last before the color begins to fade. The better metal materials will retain their appearance for as long as four decades.

A contractor can provide more specific information based on the type of paint and coating used for the metal roof. Don’t be surprised if the treatment used is designed to provide 45 years or more of consistent color.

How Long Will a Metal Roof Last?

The warranties provided by metal roof companies provide homeowners with a good idea of how long their new roofs will last. Like any type of roofing, factors like weather conditions, sunlight exposure, and temperature changes can impact the life of your roof. Even so, you’ll find that metal roofs typically outlast other types of roofing.

Don’t be surprised if the roofing you have in mind is known to last anywhere between four decades and seven decades. When you compare that to other materials that may last somewhere between two or three decades, the value of that metal roof is obvious.

When It Rains, Will It Sound Loud on the Metal Roof?

The typical metal roof is installed on top of a solid wood deck. That deck helps to muffle the sound of rain on the roofing. If you’ve also opted to keep the old roof in place, that provides another layer of insulation. Factor in that the coating on the metal also helps to reduce the sound and you’re not likely to notice any significant difference in noise compared to asphalt or other roofing materials.

As your metal roofing contractor will explain, most people perceive sounds as noise when they reach around 70 decibels. That’s roughly four times the sound produced when rain hits a metal roof.

Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over My Old Roof?

It is possible to install metal roofing Toronto over a single existing roof. If there are already two or more layers of roofing on the home, they will need to be removed first. The goal is to ensure that adding the new roof will not create too much strain on the roof deck and possibly cause structural damage.

The metal roofer who visits the home to talk with you about opting for a new metal roof will inspect the current setup. If there’s any factor that could create problems for you later or that would make the roof non-compliant, the recommendation will be to remove the old roofs and start fresh with the metal one.

Do I Need Snow Guards on My Metal Roof?

Snow guards with your metal roof are ideal. The guards are designed to prevent snow and ice from slipping off the roof in large sheets. By retaining the snow and ice until you can remove it using a snow rake, you limit the potential for damage to shrubs and other property on the ground, as well as potential injuries to anyone who may be walking close to the exterior walls.

Metal roofers can help you come up with the right guard design for your home. When the job is done, you can rest assured that the metal roofing company has taken all the steps necessary to ensure the guards work efficiently.