Commercial Metal & Steel Roofing Profiles


The same skills and materials expertise that makes a good metal roofer can also help you complete the walls on a building that needs to be erected quickly. Many hangars, sheds, and modular buildings now use commercial roofing products for a quick and sturdy build. Commercial wall profile products use the same type of material you see in standard roofs to build a fast, durable frame that can get any building up and running faster than before.

How the Process Works

When people hire roofing contractors these days, they often look for expertise in more than just metal roofs. European material wall and roof profile uses shaped sheets to go over the frame of a building. The insulation is then added on the inside of the walls and weather stripping gets inserted. This creates a weather tight seal around a building that can serve many different purposes. Because the walls use the same commercial roof profile products, the number of contractors needed to properly erect the building is also significantly diminished.

European material wall and roof profile is best suited for commercial and so-called "quick erect" buildings. This profile is highly demanded in Western Europe. The technology is simple: first the metal frame, which is insulated on the inside with weather strips, is built, then it is covered with shaped sheets, and finally the walls are lined up from the inside. Nowadays, most hangars, parking lots, airports, marine stations and depots are built this way. Brick walls, plastering and painting are becoming antiquated techniques.

European material roofing tile plant is a pacesetter in Europe when it comes to the production of shaped sheets that are made of galvanized steelundefined with a polyester coating. The plant is equipped with new, state-of-the-art machinery that is used for manufacturing roofing and cladding products which meet International quality standards.

European material industrial metal roofing profiles are manufactured from high quality raw material that is obtained from Western Europe and South- East Asia. The industrial profile is made of galvanized steel that is covered with a polyester coating that is no less than 35 microns. The thickness of the galvanized steel used to manufacture our industrial profiles ranges from 18 to 26 gauges.


 uses raw material that is certified in accordance with International Standards of Quality (ISO 9002). With explicit quality control procedures imposed at every stage of the production cycle, European material ensures the best quality of its finished products.

Available Colors

available colors

European Material
European Material Technical Approval
European Material Inspection Maintenance
Profiled Colourchart

Modern design profile MD-20

  • An exclusive profile with a classic design
  • The profile is asymmetric and gives you the option to build either a broad or a narrow peak
  • This profile is suitable for both small and large surfaces
  • Can be produced in any lengths by customer requirements

Modern design profile MD-24

  • Our newest modern profile that combines a stylish design with a good covering width.
  • This profile is equilateral and is well suited for walls, roofs and fences.
  • Can be produced in any lengths by customer requirements
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The undeniable aesthetic of the steep slope roof
  • Panels with a minimum visibility of fasteners
  • Longitudinal pre-profiling to increase roof stiffness
  • Possibility to execute the roof with a slope of min. 8⁰
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