Master Flashing Roof Accessories

Any skilled metal roofer knows that a chimney or vent pipe can become the source of leaks and damage very quickly. This holds extra truth in the Toronto region, where moisture can come in many forms and in any season. That is why a skilled roofing contractor in Toronto and surrounding regions will take extra care to ensure that the master flashing is installed well.

First, assure that the moisture barrier is properly sealed around the vent pipe. It must be brought up to a height of 1 1/2" and sealed on top. Then cut a hole in the roofing tile just big enough for the vent pipe. After that, select a Universal Pipe Flashing of the appropriate size, apply hermetic to the bottom of the flashing and slide it down the pipe until it connects with the roofing tile panel. This flashing is very flexible, so that you can bend it to conform to the shape of the tile and attach it with self-tapping screws. Tighten the upper edge of the Universal Pipe Flashing around the pipe with a clamp and seal it.


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