Metal & Steel Roofing Screws

Whether they are professionals or are engaging in a do it yourself home project, all metal roofers need to make sure they use the right materials. An installer uses screws to keep metal roofing in place, but they need to be high quality, weather resistant screws. Without the right level of quality, metal roofing screws can degrade faster than the steel roofing itself, causing leaks and moisture damage beneath the roof.

• Screws are made of hardened steel and electro-galvanized with a 20 mm thick zinc layer
  and/or stainless steel
• Lackered screws have all a coloured powder coating of 30 mm
• Screws have washers made of aluminium and all of the gaskets are pre-vulkanised in EPDM
• All screws have sixsided heads (8 mm)

Self drilling screw 4,8x35 mm
Sheet metal on wood, max 2x1,25 mm,
with gasket (250/pack.)
Overlap screw 4,8x20 mm
Overlap, max 2x1,25 mm,
with gasket (250/pack.)


Socket 8 mm
M8 sixsided socket
Purlin screw 5,5x25 mm
Sheet metal on purlin, 1,5-10 mm,
with gasket (400/pack.)

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