Construction membranes

canopy awnings

New Metal Roofing Products

Metal roofing products are always developing and innovating, looking for a better way of providing affordable roofing materials to customers. Of the new products available from metal roofing manufacturers, two particular ones stand out: construction membranes and canopy awnings.

Construction Membranes

During a metal roof installation, a construction membrane provides protection from rain and other elements. After the installation, it serves as another layer of protection from moisture. The best waterproofing membrane construction sheets currently available are the C130 waterproof membrane and the FPP100/FPP130 waterproof and heat resistant membrane. Each roof membrane provides water and moisture resistance while also offering a degree of breathability so the roof doesn’t restrict airflow. The C130 membrane uses three layers of highly breathable material, while the FPP100/FPP130 includes polypropylene and aluminum foil to protect from particularly hot conditions.

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