New Metal Roofing Products

Metal roofing products are always developing and innovating, looking for a better way of providing affordable roofing materials to customers. Of the new products available from metal roofing manufacturers, two particular ones stand out: construction membranes and canopy awnings.

MD-24 and MD-20 Modern Sheet Metal

MD-24 Sheet Metal Roofs"Today more and more home designers and architects are incorporating modern style metal roofs in new builds, and re-designs. It is not just because metal roofing can add a striking appearance to a standard suburban home, but it can also convey a design motif for the entire house. It starts with the roof, and if you find the right roofing contractor, your roof will be the start of something special.

In the field of roofing, sheet metal roof panels are a recently new innovation. This quick and easy alternative to traditional roofs provides homeowners with the ability to customize, without the cost associated with other roofing materials. This is an excellent bonus for those who are completing new builds, or for those of you who are looking to renovate or flip a home.

Here at Zim Group LTD, we are proud to be the provider of the fantastic MD-24 and MD 20 modern sheet metal. From our connection to the mill down the Queensway to your home, only Zim Group LTD can bring you the top sheet metal for roofing here in the GTA.

The MD-24 (Modern) sheet metal is one of the most in-demand for metal roof company’s across the GTA. Best matched with homes that are a little more rustic, or require a bit of, the MD-24 offers a fantastic steel roofing option for practically any location. As well, for new builds, the MD-24 provides a rustic look, without the need to have a weathered roof! The look comes pre-installed, and that is perfect for those that are looking to work with metal roofing contractors in the GTA for their next metal roof.

MD-20 Sheet Metal RoofsOn the other side, sheet metal like MD-20 (Cladding) is the perfect match for commercial clients. For commercial steel roofs, this material is the ideal option to add a bit of ascetic to a commonly ignored part of the architecture of your building. From shopping centres to dentist offices, as a steel roof company we have been installing attractive, and very durable MD-20 metal sheets for years.

Here are some of the advantages of Zim Group LTD MD-24 and MD-20 sheet metal roofs:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • The undeniable aesthetic of the steep slope roof
  • Panels with a minimum visibility of fasteners
  • Longitudinal pre-profiling to increase roof stiffness
  • Possibility to execute the roof with a slope of min. 8⁰
Roof Section
Wall Section

Modern Commercial Design

As some of the top metal roofers in the GTA, we have seen the continual surge in the popularity of metal roofs for our commercial clients. Whether it is from architects or new office builders, roofing contractors have continued to see demands in their commercial work rise for their metal roofer teams. The reason for this is that metal is eye-catching and visually appealing to humans. No matter if they use polished steel, or a rugged, raw metal, us humans love looking at metal. We see it all around the city, and as a steel roof company, we love it!

Steel Cladding

Sheet Metal RoofsIn the past decade, metal has started to be used as siding rather than just as roofing. As a siding panel, metal can provide a home with unique horizontal or vertical lines. Residents often enjoy the compliment wood or stone can provide in tandem with metals. The refreshing effect of a natural metal adds to the warmth of a bright wood entryway or door. Builders often use painted metal to contrast crisp natural finishes like stone or concrete.

If you are interested in working with one of the top roofing contractors in the city, then it is about time that you talked to the premier metal roofer in the GTA, Zim Group LTD! With our manufactured M-10 and M-20 metal roof sheets, you will love working with the premier roofing company in the city. Call us today and see the difference that Zim Group LTD can make on your next roof!

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