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European residential metal roofing is quickly gaining acceptance as an affordable, lightweight, attractive and long-lasting roofing alternative to traditional roofing products like asphalt shingles, tile and shake. Metal tiles are made to resemble the traditional clay tiles. As a result of its state-of-the-art technology, this material has been able to successfully combine the durability, low weight and longevity of galvanized steel with an aesthetically pleasing design. 


undefinedTo create this desired look raw European material is pressed into modular panels through a roll-forming process creating the look of clay tiles. The sheets, which come in a standard width of 4 feet and lengths of 4 feet and 8 feet, are designed for quick and easy installation. This is because installers have to work with one large sheet as opposed to several smaller pieces, as well; the number of roofing joints is minimized, making it easier for installers to install our roofing.


Available in a variety of different colors, metal tiles are manufactured from SUPERGALUM AZ150 or Z275 steel that is of 26undefined gauges. After cold rolling the steel sheets are hot dip galvanized, which makes the surface corrosion resistant and receptive to further coating by means of passivation. The passivated surface is covered with a protective, baked, polyester coating which is 35 microns thick. The polyester coatings available include regular polyester, matt (textured) polyester, rough polyester (pural) and pattern-printed polyester.


With the protection offered by a polyester finish, you can be confident that your metal roofing will maintain its elegant look because polyester is widely used as a protective coating for roofing and cladding materials due to its corrosion resistance properties. In addition to the polyester coating, our metal roofing tiles are covered with seven layers of protective coating. The process by which our metal tiles are produced also result in the minimization of discoloration over time.


Available Colors

available colors


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