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We offer exclusive modern European style metal roofing. Our roofs are extremely durable, require no maintenance, provide long term savings and come with 50 year guarantee against corrosion. We are determined to provide you with the right product, of the right quality, at the right price. We treat every roof as if it were our own and take all the steps required to ensure that every project meets our highest standards

At ZIM Group, not only do we excel at providing the highest quality metal roofing, but we also assist, educate, guide, and work with our customers on an on-going basis, allowing us to ensure complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Our mission is to become the solution to all of our customer’s roofing needs by providing the highest quality metal roofing and exceptional customer service.

Why Metal Roofing?

  • 50 year warranty
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Maintenance Free
  • Energy efficient: reduces heating/cooling bills by 20%-40%
  • Reflects heat
  • Improves attic ventilation, decreases heat build up in the summer, enhances the performance of attic insulation
  • Eliminates ice dams and overload of snow on the roof
  • Installed over existing shingles (low weight)
  • Eco friendly: reduces external smog and urban heat islands
  • Can be recycled which decreases the land field waste
  • Fire Resistant
  • Creates upscale, appealing look

Metal tiles comparison


Other Companies Metal Tiles

ZIM Group Metal Tiles

1. PVC/Acrylic painted tiles 1. Baked Polyester Coating
2. Stamped Tiles 2. Roll-formed Tiles
3. Waterproofing of the panel overlap:
  • - 1 channel
  • - 6/16" height of the rib
  • - no stability at the end of panel
3. Waterproofing of the panel overlap:
  • - 2 channels
  • - 3/4" height of the rib
  • - stable base
4. Panel to panel overlap 0-1" 4. Panel to panel overlap 2-4"
5. Zinc coating 5. SuperGalum coating
6. Panel to panel connection every 1-4" 6. Panel to panel connection every 84" - less connections less chances of water get in

Installation Comparison


Other Companies Metal Roofs

ZIM Group Metal Roofs

1. NO ATTIC VENTILATION in case of aluminum, rubber, plastic tiles or shingles 1. FULL Ridge VENTILATION
2. NO PROPER roof deck ventilation (no strapping or just horizontal strapping) 2. FULL ROOF DECK ventilation (double strapping for proper venting)
3. Eave starter strip with 0" space to catch water (water shooting over the gutter) 3. 5" starter flashing
4. Panel fastens with the screw on top of the wave 4. Panel fastens with the screw below the wave (ask us why)
5. Straight wall flashing with the minimum quantity of flashing 5. Wall flashing with 75 folded edge
6. No hermetic sponge to protect from snow, dust and insects 6. All roofs are protected with a hermetic sponge that blocks small particles & allows for air flow

Our appreciation for your kind words!

“Good job. House looks like a million bucks!”
Ed. D

“Excellent results in a timely manner.”
Case O.

“The installers did an awesome job”
Ronald T.

“ZIM Group was chosen for the best price and the best looking product”
Nick R.

“Noticed that our air conditioner was turned on 3 times less, than the last summer”
Natalie M.

“Very good, focused and professional work crew. Will recommend them to others.”
Amar P.
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ZIM Group certainly blew us away with the job they did on our roof recently. The whole job was so professional from start to finish and we cannot recommend them highly enough to anybody else who needs a metal roof built for them.
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